Miyakojima Mayor's Visit


宮古島の座喜味 一幸 (ざきみ かずゆき)市長が西光エンジニアリングまで藤枝市6次産業化推進ネットワーク関連視察に来てくださいました。

Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture Study Tour

It is part of Fujieda City's startup support projectOn-site inspections by out-of-town venture companies & exchange meetings with local players
Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture Study Tour
was held on October 4th.

Actually visit a place that will give you a hint of the "future image",
By directly listening to the stories of local stakeholders and seeing and experiencing them with their own eyes, we will deepen our understanding of the "current location" of Fujieda City.

Seiko Engineering, as a business operator to be inspected,
From Representative Director Kuniyasu Okamura"Food manufacturing equipment aiming to be the top in the field of drying and roasting"We talked about it.



Exhibited at the Fujinokuni Cellulose Circular Economy Exhibition

Plant-based and eco-friendly celluloseOne of the largest products in Japan that brings together products that utilize materials
Fujinokuni Cellulose Circular Economy ExhibitionBut
102nd of the month ~ 3rd of October
Held at the Mt. Fuji Messe Exhibition Hall.
Seiko Engineering also exhibited.

An event that brought together 108 companies, including overseas companies!
Nanocellulose vehicles, Daio Paper's "SAMURAI SPEED" and Toyota Auto Body's "Mokumaru" were exhibited, presentations by various companies from major companies to venture companies, and many new materials that have been talked about in the media were exhibited.

Many people experienced cellulose, which is the forefront of plant materials.