Drying equipment

[1]Microwave decompression dryer the world's first drying system sugokan(Sugokan

Patent No. 5480832

Joint research with Kyushu Institute of Technology: Practical equipment for vacuum drying systems that do not impair color or aroma

 The color, flavor, and flavor of the material are in place, and drying with energy saving is realized!
-It does not impair the color, flavor, aroma, and nutritional value closer to life than vacuum freeze-drying!

-Useful ingredients (enzymes, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, etc.) can be dried while keeping alive!

-We produce a new sense of dry food as a convenient, safe and healthy food!

-As it is the taste of the material, it can be used for local production and consumption activities and sixth industrialization!
Comparison between microwave decompression drying and vacuum drying furnace

Drying test chamber

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★ always accept drying tests and small amounts of consignment drying★

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 Water content and output to strawberry drying due to microwave decompression drying, temperature change
Water content change

Output-Temperature Change

 Microwave decompression drying and comparison with other drying methods

Microwave decompression drying, vacuum freeze drying, hot air drying

Microwave decompression drying is energy-saving and drying for both equipment and drying costs.

[Microwave decompression drying]

[Vacuum freeze-drying]

[Hot air drying]
The ratio represents the ratio when the microwave decompression drying data is set to [1].
Reference: Fukuoka Prefectural Industrial Technology Center

 Utilizing vegetables and fruits from local resources to create a new sense of dry food

As a technology that Japan is proud of to the world,Japanese Government's International Public Relations Magazine
"We Are Tomodachi" 2016
I was introduced to.
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Grind and blend into black tea or green tea. Enjoy the color and aroma of flavored tea!

-Dried fruits
Non-frying, non-sugarA new sense of dried fruit!

-Sea food and emergency food
No need to return water due to swelling drying. For marine ingredients, emergency food, etc.!

-Ingredients for healthy tea
As it is the taste of the material, it can be used for local production and consumption activities and sixth industrialization!

-Confectionery ingredients
Dried strawberry chocolate, cakes, puffs and other ingredients!
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[2]Drying in combination with microwave heating

Figure 1.Drying mechanism in combination with microwaves

Figure 2. Comparison with the conventional method (hot air drying)

Hot air drying progresses drying from the surface of the dried product, gradually the surface becomes hard and the drying is delayed.
It is delayed from the dotted line of the black curve in Figure 2.

Using microwaves at this point, the internal moisture of the dried product is pushed outward to make water vapor (Figure 1.green), and this water vapor is removed by hot air and drying is advanced.
It becomes a red curve in Figure 2, and drying ends in a short time.

❶ Microwave paper tube dryer
Patent No. 4875543
The feature "microwave penetrates the paper tube" is used.
In combination with hot air drying, paper tube drying with no drying deformation was achieved in a short time.
[Conventional method]
Shipped after natural drying for 5-6 days
It can be dried in a hot air dryer in about 12 hours, but the paper tube will dry and deform.

[After deployment]
Shipped continuously drying for 20-30 minutes
Dry deformation does not occur

In the Merit
Reduce drying workers
There is no need for a place of natural drying.
Reduce the number of stock during natural drying
Quantity of paper tubes during natural drying: about 200,000 bottles
Amount: 200,000 bottles× 250 yen / Book: about 50 million yen
The failure rate is reduced.
There is no bending or distortion, and the failure rate is reduced by about 3%.
⇒ profit: approximately 250,000 yen/day

[Specifications of microwave paper tube dryer]

❷ Microwave scallop dryer
Patent No. 4749357


We use the feature that "microwaves diffuse moisture in scallops in a short time".
Reduces storage after hot air drying, improves yield and halves drying days.
After hot air drying, the scallops are sealed in a wooden box and stored for about two days to make the moisture in the scallops uniform.
If the storage is neglected, it becomes "Gasatama" and the yield and quality are impaired.

[Conventional method]
Hot air drying, drying in the day, repeated storage, drying in about 40-60 days
Each time, the scallops are transferred by hand to each container.

[After deployment]
Hot air drying and microwave heating are repeated, and it dries in about 20 days.
Shell pillars work in the same tray until the end of drying, transfer work is not required

In the Merit
Reduce the number of workers in the day-drying and transfer work
Improvement in yield ⇒ 0.25%
Profit of yield improvement (20 tons per day treatment)
1 day: 50kg× 10,000 yen /kg: 500,000 yen
1 year: About 50 million yen for 100 days of operation
Sanitary drying is achieved.
Sanitary drying is achieved by in-plant work and man-made work.

[Specifications of microwave tray dryer]

❸ Microwave Mozuku Dryer

We use the feature that "microwave acts by moisture".
After hot air drying, the part that is not dry is completely dried in a short time.

[Conventional method]
Drying in more than 12 hours due to hot air and cold air drying
Cut and dispose of undried parts (parts with a lot of numeri) by visual inspection.

[After deployment]
Dry in hot air for 3 hours
Next, microwave drying is performed.
Microwaves act on the moisture in the undeeded area and dry completely in about 10 minutes.

In the Merit
It leads to the reduction of workers (visual sorting, cutting of undeered parts)
Reduce drying costs ⇒ drying time from 12 hours to 3 hours
Annual drying cost reduction: savings of about 20 million yen
Yield improvement is completely ⇒ and there is no disposal
Annual profit: 6 million yen
Sanitary drying is achieved.
Bactericidal effect of microwaves and full drying for a hygienic environment

[3]Dryers in existing businesses

❶ Dehumidification dryer

❷ Hot air dryer